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Do you ship outside Malaysia? 

Yes. We deliver our products worldwide and subject to delivery charges depending on address and destination 

What is your tableware characteristics?

What is In-glaze decoration technology? 

Porcelain dishes decorated by In-glaze decoration technology by our manufacturer is distinctive, unique and exclusive with the following characteristics: 

  • Smoother and shinier 
  • A thick layer of 24-Carate Gold is used in In-Glazed decorationtechnology. With this method, the golden motif offers a distinctly matteand golden look which is not seen in ordinary golden decorated dishes. 
  • High resistance to dishwasher and detergents which has no effect onfading out or removing the design due to the motif of the products isplaced inside the glaze. 
  • It is hygiene, safe and is not in direct contact with food. For example,other ceramic dinnerware, kitchenware or other porcelain products inthe market may contain color and other synthetic that might be consumed along the food. 

What is fine diamond china? 

FDC (Fine Diamond China) is the whitest, the hardest and the most transparent (translucent) porcelain ever made in the world. It’s delicate yet hard body offers all the privileges of both Hard porcelain and Bone china at the same time. This innovation is a patented product as a result of 5 years eff orts and research made by our manufacturers in collaboration with German experts. They are decorated with traditional as well as modern designs to answer our customer demands from all classes and tastes.

What is the difference between fine diamond china, bone china and porcelain?

How do I know my shipping costs?

Postage is calculated based on volumetric weight and destination. It is calculated automatically when you make an order online. You can also check the delivery status through the system upon notification of your tracking details 

How do I track my order? 

Orders are sent via our authorized courier company. When your order has been processed and is dispatched from our warehouse, we’ll notify you and your tracking details will be sent in a separate email. 

How long does delivery take? 

Your order will typically be dispatched between 2-7 business days after your order is placed. Your delivery date will be determined by your location.  

If your order is urgent please let us know by 

emailing info@hyrem.com.my and inform our customer representative. Once we receive your email we will endeavour to push your order through and try to deliver as soon as possible