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Reimagine History 

Our collections are inspired by the Flower of Life. This extraordinary pattern embodies geometrical perfection. If investigating closely, it can be found throughout nature. The Flower of Life has inspired genius from the monuments of ancient empires to Da Vinci’s most famous works. We draw from its perfection to perfect our dinnerware, home decor, jewelry, accessories, and other lifestyle products. 

Hyrem was founded on the belief that every culture has its own strengths, and learning from each other makes us stronger. The greatness of the great civilizations in history was their ability to unite people. It was the diversity of these cultures that created some of the most exceptional art, architecture, scientific discoveries, and philosophical ideas. 

Like ancient empires, we’re built on the free movement of talent and openness to other cultures. By leveraging the individual skills of local product designers, and craftspeople from around the world, we strive to forge unique and diverse masterpieces. When people from different regions bring their unique culture into their work it enriches our products. 

We believe the combination of diverse artisan skills with the advancement of modern technology will create exceptional masterpieces. We use it to recreate the beauty and perfection of nature and the masterpieces of ancient civilizations. That is why our collections include handcrafted Persian rugs, handbags inspired by traditional Moroccan art, and gift items inspired by Ottoman culture. Our dinnerware draws on the unique artistic traditions of the Safavid Empire.— Unite these diverse influences to create a home and style that is uniquely yours! 

The Flower of Life is the blueprint for creation uniting the natural world. Our vision is to be a symbol of that unity and bring people together to appreciate differences. Our products create spaces that spark conversations about diversity and inclusiveness. Only by exploring the beauty that unites us and the diversity that enriches us, can we create a better world.