Tableware is designed to create impressive and distinctive tables that can be elegant, casual, for everyday use, or made for a very special occasion. It comes in various patterns, shapes, and colors to match the event and food as well.


Choosing the right tableware is what matters before hosting a party or an event. The table setting is always to be considered an important factor. Correct tableware sets the mood of guests as well as hosts. Tableware is the centerpiece of an event or party.


As it is understood that setting up of correct tableware is the center of attraction, choosing the perfect one for a party or event becomes extremely important. Below are some useful suggestions to choose the correct tableware for an event.


Determine the overall theme or concept of the event


Tableware is to be always selected based on the theme or concept of the party or event. It is therefore always suggested to determine the concept of the event one will be hosting before placing an order for tableware. Once purchased, start setting up the table with proper placement of dinnerware, accessories, and decorations.


If the occasion is related to holidays like Christmas, it is important to think of rational tableware. The decorations should be based on the holiday theme. It is strongly suggested not to use unnecessary decorations like Santa Claus, Christmas trees or Snowman printed tableware as these cannot be used on other occasions. Simply opt for a red or green print with gold motifs to make the tableware usable even after Christmas.


Understand Guests, the Gathering


It is highly essential to understand the guests and gathering who are being invited to the party or event. If the guests are seniors or bosses from the office, it is better to buy tea sets that have a corporate outlook or layout. It is important to ensure that the tableware should impress them to the highest level.



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The corporate-type tableware can be used in all the formal parties and events. These go equally well with office colleagues and business partners. Sometimes, these can be used for future in-laws.


All the parties are not the same. Some parties may have mixed people like children, parents, friends, and family members. It is better to use porcelain tableware, then adults and children can be comfortable with melamine tableware as the expensive tableware can be saved from abuse by the younger ones.


Match tableware with the food to be served


Many hosts look for matching the dinnerware with the food. Five-piece dinnerware set is perfect for formal dinners and dishes from soup to dessert can be comfortably served. At a casual party, it is better to opt for a four-piece dinnerware set considering the account of informality.


Industry experts suggest that tableware should focus on function and food simultaneously. Many make the mistake to match it only with the food being served. Dinner courses at a formal party include from starter to dessert and this requires a five-piece tableware setting. The formal one includes salad and soup apart from the main course and thereafter a dessert at the end.


Selecting Tableware


Once it is decided what to buy, it is time to consider some other aspects which are equally important. There are two ways to buy. One is to buy a complete set and the other way is to compile from open stock. A complete set can be segregated to serve four guests, six guests, and so on. Open stock is sold piece-by-piece. This is perfect for those who look for mix-and-match in a collection.



Experts recommend tableware for 8 to 12 guests to ensure enough for guests at home. If two sets are bought, it is suggested to choose a set of 4 to 6. Some suggest buying white tableware as it goes fine for both casual and formal parties.


How Many Sets to Buy


It is usually suggested to buy two sets of tableware. One is for everyday patterns for daily meals and the other for special occasions. However, it is important to ensure both have an interesting texture, graphic design, or unusual glaze. Lunch and dinner become enjoyable with unique tableware.


If most events are formal, it is better to buy tableware made of porcelain or bone china. The simple whites are preferred by many as they can be for serve-all and be-all purposes.


It is recommended to buy for 12 guests. Good savings can be availed from sellers if the complete set is bought in a single purchase.


Choose Durable Tableware or Expensive One


Casual tableware is usually made of earthenware and stoneware while formal one is manufactured using porcelain and bone china. Porcelain is hard and durable. Bone china is similarly strong and durable. However, both are expensive and not ideal for microwaves and dishwashers.


On the other hand, casual tableware is microwaveable and dishwasher-safe. It is less expensive and less sturdy. Hence, choosing tableware is based on price too. Everyone may not be able to afford tableware made of bone china or porcelain.




The above are some simple tips to choose tableware for daily use and special occasions. The budget may increase or decrease based on the material one is buying. Porcelain price differs from that of glassware and melamine dinnerware may cost less than both. It is not necessary to only buy the expensive ones.


The tableware should serve the needs and match the type of guests and theme of the party or event simultaneously. However, it is strongly suggested to avoid melamine dinnerware if the guest's office colleagues. It is important that the boss be treated with porcelain or glass dinnerware as these offer an everlasting impression of the dining.