Malaysia is a Southerneast Asian small country occupying the Borneo islands and peninsula of Malay. Malaysia is a country mainly known for its beauty ad diversity of cultures consisting of Islamic communities as well as Indian, Chinese, and other minority communities. The variety of Malay’s multi-cuisine confirms this point, as the Malay cuisine contains a fusion of Islam cuisine, Indian cuisine as well as Chinese and Thai cuisine.

Hyrem is a leading brand of home decor and dinnerware supplier in Malaysia. Hyrem was founded with the belief that every culture and civilization is unique in its own way, and learning from every culture unites everyone together. And to prove this point Hyrem’s dinnerware sets are the perfect example which is inspired by the ancient civilizations and are designed in every way possible so that the dinner sets can be used by people of every religion at their respective festivals.


Hyrem’s collections are inspired by the concept of flowers of life, the concept which inspired the great monuments of ancient empires to Da Vinci’s most famous works. Hyrem firmly believes in combining the talented diverse artist's skills and the use of modern technology with this Hyrem has recreated beautiful and perfect masterpieces depicting ancient civilizations.


Let's take a quick glance at the points that to how hyrem will give you a royal and luxurious touch in the beautiful festive season:


Most hygienic and absolutely free from any harmful substance


Porcelain is a ceramic that is widely famous for its durability, versatility, and its appearance. Porcelain is mainly made from different materials but the most often used material is Kaolin which is heated up to 1400 degrees of celsius. Porcelain is categorized into majorly three types, i.e., hard-paste, soft paste, and bone china. The composition of the paste that is used to manufacture the Porcelain body and up to what temperature is the object heated decides into which category will the product belong.


Porcelain is the most natural and purest Kaolin clay. Clay is alkaline by nature making it very helpful in balancing the pH of the food by combining with the acids which are present in the food. It is scientifically proven that pots made from clay are worthy of easy cooking as their absorbent nature permits moisture and heat to be distributed evenly through the food.


Produced by the most advanced robotic technology


Technology has taken over every industry in the world and the use of robotic technology and great pieces of machinery has made the manufacturing process so easy, and fast, also the labor costs have been reduced and the accidents during the manufacturing process have been reduced to a great extent. The machines reduce the chances of wastage of materials as the machines use the exact amount of materials that are to be used.


The use of technology is beneficial to both the company and the customers too.


As the company is saved from the loss that can be incurred with wastage of raw materials and on the other side the customers get the complete desired finish to the dinnerware.


Safe for health certificate


The main two villian to be called toxic for dinnerware are lead and cadmium, which are considered very heavy materials that are released into the environment by the industries while mining, burning fossil fuels such as oil or coal, and sometimes while combusting the plastic wastes and batteries.


Lead helps increase the long-lastingness and seal the plate decoration’s glaze and gives a shiny touch to the dinnerware, whereas the cadmium helps the dinnerware to have bright yellow and orange color which brightens the product. Hyrem has passed all the safety checks and not a single product of it contains any amount of lead and cadmium.


In-Glaze Decoration Technology


The porcelain is beautiful in its own way and to make it much more beautiful a shiny decorative layer is glazed on its surface and then heated at a very high temperature of 1100 degrees Celsius to 1400 degrees celsius so that the product becomes more long-lasting and the decoration is carousingly fitted during the heating process.


Hyrem uses a thick layer of pure 24 - karat gold in the decoration process and with the help of this process the golden motif offers a distinctly matte and golden look that is not seen in ordinary golden decorated dishes. This beautiful touch is just perfect for the festive days to make them memorable forever.


Microwave and dishwasher friendly 


Porcelain is heated at a very high temperature to increase its durability and scratch resistance, because of the healing process, the product's capacity to bear the heat also increases which makes it microwave friendly. 


Due to the motif of the products placed inside the glaze, the high resistance has no effect on the dishwasher and detergents on fading out or removing the design. It is hygiene, safety, and is not in direct contact with food. For example, other ceramic dinnerware, kitchenware, or other porcelain products in the market may contain color and other synthetics that might be consumed along with the food.


Easy to wash and scratch resistance

If you are afraid of putting your precious Porcelain dinnerware into the dishwasher for the fear of breaking them, no worries Hyrem has manufactured its dinnerware with the most simple design so that the customers can wash the dinner set very easily.


If you are worried about getting a scratch on your lovely porcelain dinnerware then once again no need to worry about that too because the porcelain is heated in a kiln at an extremely high temperature which is more than 1200 degrees of celsius which makes the dinnerware very durable. And the gloss layer that is applied to the product keeps the design of the porcelain safe from scratches. 


Easy to stack 


As stated in the previous point due to the excellent manufacturing process the porcelain dinnerwares are highly scratch resistant. The dinnerware design is also very simple and elegant that it can be perfectly stored in the cabinets without any extraordinary care.


Practical, useful and improve the lifestyle

Owning porcelain or bone china or a fine diamond china dinner set is a luxury in its own way. Everyone thinks that these dinner sets are made only for the festive season or any special occasion, but in reality it is not true. The strength and flexibility of these dinnerwares are beyond a person's imagination and because of that these dinnerwares are not made for just storing them in the cabinets but to use them on regular days and get the luxurious every day.




This article was to give you a brief view as to why you should down a porcelain dinnerware to make your festive season memorable and also that these beauty pieces are not to keep locked away in the cabinet but to use every day and enjoy the luxurious feel of life.