Why are Carpets an important part of home decor?


As shoes are important when an outfit is worn, in the same way, carpets are also important when it comes to interior decor and that is the reason carpets are known as the shoes of any room. There is no rule that carpets should be and can be used in living rooms only, the carpets can be used in houses and offices as well.


You are mistaken if you think the carpets can only be used to enhance the look of your room. The carpets make a huge difference as they light up the dull and pale living rooms. And not just living rooms, the carpets when placed in the hallways creates a beautiful feel of walking on the amazing patterns and various designs.



The carpets also play a role of sound-absorbent in the hardwood floors houses because the wood floors are not soundproof and everything that is done in the house can be audible from the other side of the door. In open space rooms, the carpets can help in setting up zones and dispersion of the places where furniture is placed, because the often the furniture is lost in the open huge spaces. You can also place the carpets in your working spaces to give the room a unique touch of warmth.


In this article, we will talk about Reed's Carpet and why they are so popular around the world.


What is Reed?


The knot woven on every one-meter width of the carpet is called Reeds. These reeds are an essential part of machine-woven carpets because they determine the quality of the carpet. The more the number of reeds, the stronger, thicker, and tighter the carpet is. And also the number of reeds carpet is much identical to the hand-woven carpets.


Usually, the reeds quantity fluctuates from 350 reeds to 1500 reeds. The carpets with 350 to 500 reeds are not so demanded by the customers and so their production is way too less in comparison to other reeds carpets. But other than this, the demand for the reeds carpets is dependent on the size of the customer’s personal choice and room size.


Let’s know about the different number of reeds that carpets may consist of:


700 reeds


700 reeds indicate that the carpet has 700 knots on every one-meter width. Companies that manufacture these 700 reeds carpets use thick fibers which make the carpets comparatively thicker than those carpets with higher reeds. But we must not forget that the more the thickness the less softness and elegance of the carpet.



The 700 reeds carpet provides us with an average quality of carpets and can be considered a great option during the shortage of money. These carpets are a great option to place in the kitchen areas, as these carpets can be easy to clean.


1200 Reeds 


A 1200 reeds carpet is a great choice when you want a long-lasting and tough carpet. 1200 reeds mean that the carpet has 1200 knots on every one-meter width, and the minutely knitted fibers help the carpet be long-lasting.



As stated in the previous point, if the number of reeds is high, the thickness of the carpet will reduce. So this 1200 reeds carpet is way too soft, less thick, and very closely detailed in comparison to the 700 reeds carpets. The quality of a 1200 reeds carpet is better than the 700 reeds carpet and so is its price, the price of a 1200 reeds carpet is high than a 700 reeds carpet.


1500 reeds


If budget is not your issue then we recommend you to put a 1500 reeds carpet in your shopping cart. Like the other two carpets, this 1500 reeds carpet means that the carpet consists of 1500 knots on its every one-meter width. A 1500 reeds carpet is much thinner than a 700 and 1200 reeds carpet. The reason behind this is the high number of knots tightly knitted with each other horizontally. 



The detailings of patterns and color textures that are seen on a 1500 reeds carpet cannot be compared with a 700 reeds carpet as the quality of a 1500 reeds carpet is very high than a 700 reeds carpet. Even the 1500 reeds carpet is thinner than the 700 and 1200 reeds carpet, the age of these carpets can be more than 40 years, the reason for its durability is the fibers that are used in manufacturing it.


The prices of these carpets are very high and they can be only used in luxurious places. Unfortunately not every place can be lucky to be concealed by this amazing 1500 reeds carpet.

Care and Maintenance Carpets


Owning the carpet must have become easy for you but maintaining its fabric and color texture is not a piece of cake. Though these carpets are manufactured to last long, if proper care is not taken of these delicate things then it will not take time for them to wear out. Consider these maintaining tips for maintaining your carpet.


  1. If the carpet is placed in a room where there are more walking activities, then the carpet is to be vacuumed regularly to stop the dust and debris from penetrating the carpet fibers


  1. If you spill some drink accidentally then it is highly recommended to clean that much of the carpet’s area as soon as possible.


  1. Avoid pulling the carpet snags and use a sharp pair of scissors instead.


  1. In the case of furniture dents, just rub the quarter edge across the carpet which encourages the carpet fibers to get back into shape.


Final Lines


You should first determine, for which room they want to buy the carpet, this determination decides which reeds carpet is to be bought. If you want a budget-friendly carpet for your house then you may go for a 700 or a 1200 reeds carpet. Of these two, a 1200 reeds carpet is more advisable because it may seem a little out of budget but it is considered a great investment in the long run due to its durability.