When we search for dinnerware, the search engine provides us with so many images of amazing dinnerware sets. There are different sizes of plates, vessels, etc. but do you know the use of each dinnerware piece other than the simple dish in which the food is to be eaten.



The majority of the answers will be that the uses of each piece will be known to a professional chef only. Well, this answer is practically true, but this knowledge doesn’t need to be only for the professionals, a layman should also have this knowledge.


So here is an article providing you with all the info you need about the Hyrem’s dinnerware pieces. 


1. Soup Tureen


A tureen is a deep, oval-shaped vessel, with handles fixed on it and covered shaped as a low domed lid with a handle and a knob. A tureen is mainly used for serving meals like soups and stews. The tureen is a suitable piece for a six to twelve people dinnerware set.


The shape of the tureen has evolved a lot in the past many years, they have mostly appeared in shapes like an oval, round, rectangle, or shapes depicting different animals.

2. Salad Bowl


A salad bowl is a not-so-deep vessel that comes in many different shapes, they may be round, oval, rectangle, etc. There are salad bowls made from many different materials like wood, glass, ceramic, fine china, etc. 


The salad bowls are huge so that they can keep the large quantity of salad and avoid the salad to spill out while tossing it. The salad bowls are available in different sizes also. The small salad bowl is used to be served while the food is served.


3. Platter


The platter is a large tray-like dinnerware piece that is used to display and serve the food. It comes in various shapes like oval, square, round, or rectangle and is made of materials like ceramic, glass, metal, wood, etc.


The plain platters are more suitable for formal settings while the platters which are decorated with gold or silver coating are suitable to be used on special occasions and ceremonies. 


The platters are also available in different sizes, the small platter is used to serve meats or kinds of seafood, while a 5 to 6 inches deep platter is used to serve pies and soft foods, similarly, an approx of the 1-inch deep platter is used to serve foods like cheese, nuts, candy, etc.


4. Bowl


A bowl is an all-rounder dinnerware piece that is generally used for serving the food, displaying the food, and also for eating the food. The bowls are usually of round shapes with seamless bottom curves and soft edges, which allows the bowl to hold the liquids and stews.


The bowl sizes vary from small to large depending on which food it is to be used i.e., whether it is to be used for soups salads, or some other food. 


The definition of bowls is always stuck between cups, bowls, and plates. Very small bowls like tea bowls are commonly known as cups, while deep plates are frequently called just bowls.


5. Dinner Plate


We all know that this is the vessel in which the food is served, but these plates can also be used for decoration purposes. Dinner plates come in various shapes and are made up of waterproof material. The ideal shape dinner plate is round raised edges, if the rounded edge is more then it is considered a bowl.



The plates are made from wood, metal, glass, fine china, and many other different materials. These plates are popular in almost the majority of countries, while for the South Asian countries banana leaves are their dinner plates.


6. Dessert Plate


This small cute plate is used to serve pies and desserts and is usually placed on the left side of the cutlery.


7. Other dinnerware pieces


Although above mention pieces are the basic dinnerware pieces, for the past many years, tea sets are included in the dinnerware sets which include pieces like a teapot, cup, saucer, creamer, salter, and sugar bowl. 



Storage tips for your dinnerware pieces


Why use the dinnerware just for consuming the food, turn your dinnerware into your home decor with the following tips.


  • We all know that maintaining the fine china is quite a challenging task and after so much care also it can break. To save them from breaking, store them in cabinets that are low in height so that you do not have to worry about china falling while approaching the plates.
  • If you have bought the fine china for the festive season and fashion occasions only then it is highly recommended to store the products in a strong storage box. While storing the products place foam sheets to protect the products from scratching each other. With this protective layer, the fine china will maintain its shine and colors.
  • Though the fine china is strong enough to hold the pressure of other products when stacked, that does not mean stacking the china on one another, this may result in breaking the fine china.
  • If you are using the fine china for everyday use then you have so many ways for storing the fine china. Following the storage tips, you can store the fine china in a traditional way by storing them in a hanging plate rack, this would enhance your kitchen environment because of the elegant design.


Final Words


Having a fine china dinnerware set is very mesmerizing, this amazing china enlightens your festive season and very special occasions. But just owning the fine china is not everything because taking care of fine china is not everyone’s cup of tea. 


If you wash the fine china in the dishwasher then you have to make sure that the water pressure is not so much, besides the water pressure, use a soft dishwasher liquid. The material of fine china is very smooth and very delicate so to maintain their shine and delicacy clean these delicate darlings as soon as your meal is done, to save them from food stains.