History of tea sets


It is believed that the first teaware was developed during the Han Dynasty of China, while the teapot was believed to be developed during the Song Dynasty. The first teaware was made from two styles of porcelain i.e., northern white porcelain and southern light blue porcelain. 



During that time the teawares were not accompanied by any other teaware products which we use today, but rather the teaware consisted of bowls, which were used for the cooking purpose also making them multi-purpose. In ancient times, tea was considered a healing potion and not an everyday pleasure’s sake drink.


The necessity for perfect teaware


There is a saying that a women’s half of her life is spent in the kitchen, and hence the first thing on every woman’s bucket list is to buy the best teaware set and dinnerware set so that they never miss a chance to flaunt their best kitchenware when people are around. Because of this, the worth of these kitchenwares is always equivalent to quite a buck, to make sure the households own the best cutleries. 


Different material types of tea sets


Just like the dinnerware, teaware is also made from various types of materials like 


  • A tea set that is made from porcelain is very widely used, in the tea set made from fine china is a highly in-demand teaware set.
  • Tea sets that are especially enameled are considered the best choice to give your kitchen and dining table a great artistic look.
  • Those who love to enjoy having tea from a transparent see-through cup should go for a glass tea set.
  • Those who are not into designing tea sets and are only concerned with the tea should prefer metallic tea sets.
  • The ones who are concerned with less expensive tea sets and are traditional birdies should go after the wooden and bamboo tea sets.

What does a tea set consist of?


The essential distinction separating the benefit of owning a tea set instead of a teacup is that the cups are part of no design or set. As they are sold individually buying them can be an expensive decision. Though they are named tea cups, they can be served with other beverages individually. Whereas the tea sets are specifically made to serve only tea.


Let us now see the essential ones which make a tea set:

  • Serving tray: This is the teaware that carries and holds the delicate darlings together. The serving trays could be of many different types, styles, and materials.
  • Cake serving tray: These cake serving trays are smaller in size and are usually three or two-tier serving trays, as stated in its name, a cake serving tray is used to serve various sweets.
  • A teapot: This kettle size differs from a 6-person tea set or 12-person tea set, but a normal tea kettle can carry tea of full five cups or six ¼ cups without any overspill.
  • Teacups and saucers: A 6-person tea set contains a total of 12 teawares i.e., 6 teacups and 6 saucers, whereas a 12-person tea set consists of a total of 24 teawares i.e., 12 teacups, and 12 saucers.
  • Creamer: This teaware is used to serve milk or cream for those who want milk or cream individually in their tea.
  • Sugar vessel: This teaware is provided for those kinds of people who may or may not prefer sugar in their tea.
  • Spoons or stirrers: The number of cutlery is the same, like that of the cups and saucers to help the person stir the sugar.

Points to consider while purchasing a tea set


Some may think that it is just a tea set, what is there to be so concerned about while purchasing it? For some drinking tea is not just about drinking tea, it is a feeling. For these kinds of people choosing the right tea set is very necessary.



Well here are some points as an answer to this question:


  • The depth and width of the teacup play an important role in holding onto the aroma of the tea. 
  • The material that is used in manufacturing the tea set is also important because it should not fade its shine and smoothness due to frequent usage.
  • Make sure that the tea set is not porous because if it is, it will absorb the aroma, taste, and color of the tea. For this case, a fine china tea set has been considered the best material for tea set manufacturing.
  • If you are a red tea person then a transparent glass tea set is a great choice as you can enjoy the color, aroma, and taste of your lovely tea.

Benefits of buying a tea set


So, now that we know what a tea set consists of and what points are to be considered while buying them, let’s check out the benefits of buying a tea set.


  • Tea sets a whole package consisting of all the necessary accessories that a person needs for a convenient and enjoyable tea-drinking experience, such experience cannot be experienced with the teacups.
  • The tea sets provide us the creamer or milk jug for the persons who prefer tea without milk or with milk, while buying the teacups you are not privileged with a creamer.
  • The tea sets give you the royal and luxury feel of tea etiquettes which cannot be felt with the teacups.
  • The wide range of teaware provided in the tea set adds a beautiful touch to your tableware and the whole dining table setting. 

Concluding words


With this article, you must have concluded why buying a tea set is more beneficial than buying teacups individually. Though the tea sets give you the best tea-drinking experience, with that they do need special care, and maintaining them cannot be easy every time.


To maintain their shine and texture for many more years than you should follow a strict maintenance schedule. Clean them within a very short period to avoid the dried watermarks that are caused after the wash, and to protect the tea sets from fading away.