Introductory Phrase


Since ancient times, humans have been wearing bracelets to enhance their fashionable look. Bracelet’s main use is to be worn as an ornament and can be described as a supportive function for carrying other charming decorative items. Bracelets make men’s and women’s outfits complete with their elegant and fashionable look at the same time. 


When we think about bracelets, we picture bracelets made from silver or gold or any other metal, but nowadays leather bracelets have made an entry to make your wrist look incredibly awesome. For men, the bracelets make their hands look more masculine. While for women, the bracelets make their hands look slim and attractive.


Points to Consider while Choosing Bracelets


1.  Your Wrist Size


When you are supposed to choose bracelets, the first thing you will notice is how the bracelet appears, you would totally forget about how would it look on you. Well, that’s the point that must be considered. Don’t go after the appearance of the bracelet. Consider its weight and charms that are used to decorate the bracelet.


Now, go for the size of your wrist. What kind of bracelet would suit? Simple or stylish? Broad or narrow? Delicate or solid? When you conclude the answers to these questions, choose the bracelet.



Men with small wrists should choose a double-wrapped sleek leather bracelet, whereas women with small wrists should go for stylish chain bracelets., they should not go for leather bracelets, those will make their wrists look even smaller.


In simple words, choose large bracelets if you have smaller wrists and choose small bracelets if you have large wrists, this is applicable to both men and women.


Large-small, small-large, So easy to remember!


2.  The Bracelet Should Suit Your Style


Bracelets made from any material are fashionable in their own way. If we talk about leather bracelets, they can be simple and stylish according to their style. Choose bracelets according to your work. If you have to work indoors i.e., from your office only, you rarely have to travel, then you may go for charming bracelets. But if you have to travel quite many times, then go for a leather bracelet as it is less prone to getting lost.


3.  Your Budget


Bracelets come in different qualities. If budget is not an issue for you, then you must choose the good quality ones, not the low-quality bracelets. The reason behind that is the low-quality ones would wear off their color, shine, and texture easily. Whereas the high-quality ones are durable and will last for a long period. Do buy the bracelets from a trusted buyer.


4.  Designs



Nowadays, we see so many unisex bracelets, which means those bracelets can be worn by both men and women. But it is not mandatory that the unisex bracelets would suit your personality. If you believe in simplicity, then you can choose the simple unisex bangle bracelets which are worn by men also. 


5.  Personality


Bracelets help in enhancing your personality. If you are very practical and work-oriented, then wearing a leather bracelet will leave a nice impression on others. Leather bracelets decorated with silvery or golden charms can be useful for wearing the bracelet on some informal occasions also.


6.  Quality 


Just imagine, you spend a lot of time and money on a bracelet and you might end up having a low-quality bracelet that faded after one or two years. To avoid facing this kind of situation, always choose high-quality accessories, so that you can wear them for a long period.


Care tips for bracelets


  • If you have a silver bracelet, but not original silver, then avoid it from getting wet too often. Do not wear it while you are taking a shower as this will fade the bracelet’s color and shine. The same care tip goes for golden bracelets.
  • If you have original silver or gold bracelets, make sure that there are no other alloys mixed with them to give them a correct texture or shine. The reason is, that if the alloys fade color while they come in contact with water, then you might get disappointed with the bracelet.
  • If you have pure silver or gold bracelets, then you can wear them all day long. But after some time, they might need a polish to regain their shine.
  • If you have a leather bracelet, you can also wear it all day long, as it is not so prone to water or any kind of fading out situation, but just as a precaution, if you want that bracelet to last longer, then avoid it from water contact.


Closing remarks


Bracelets have been one of the best gifts for men and women for wearing casually or on special occasions. Buying an expensive and durable gift for your loved ones is a great gesture. In this context, gifting a leather bracelet that is stylish as well as durable and suits every style, and most importantly will not cost you anything.